1L Course Panel

Last week WLS held its annual 1L Course Panel. Panelists advised 1L WLS members on what classes to take their 2L year, as well as answer questions about Journals, Clinics, Moot Court, and other student organization involvement.  Panelist also talk about On Campus Interviewing (OCI), which takes place the fall of 2L year.

Here are a few takeaways from the event:

  • Don’t forget about summer classes. If you are working in Champaign this is a great opportunity to take Evidence with Professor Beckett. This is especially helpful if you are looking to participate in trial team.
  • If you are interested in transactional work – BA I is a must. Panel members also encouraged taking bankruptcy given our faculty’s knowledge on the subject.
  • For the writing competition – watch out for emails from various organizations. Student groups tend to host events about how to succeed in the note writing competition.
  • Plan ahead for your first semester of 2L year. It is extremely busy especially during interview season. A majority of students like to take a lighter course load in the Fall.
  • Best tip for OCI – find a mentor. A majority of the panelist had professor mentors who they spoke with before/after interviews.

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